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Since its incorporation in 2009, Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission has been focusing on drug testing, quality, efficacy, research and development and patient safety across the country. In order to promote the highest standards of drugs for use in human and animals, within practical limits of the technologies available, for manufacture and analysis, IPC has been consistently engaged in improving its technical capabilities both by adding sophisticated / updated analytical & other instruments and engaging highly skilled professionally qualified manpower. 

As on date, IPC has various specialized laboratories, well equipped with latest instrumentation facilities for analytical research and development work. 

The IPC  laboratories have accreditations from various national and international organizations including accreditation from National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratory (NABL) for ISO 17025 and it is WHO prequalified Quality Control Laboratory (QCL) for pharmaceuticals. IPC is also accredited for ISO 17034 (Reference material producer) and ISO 17043: 2010 for Proficiency Testing Provider (PT). 

Being well equipped with modern sophisticated instrumental facilities for research and development work, the Indian Pharmacopoeia commission feels enthusiasm and planned to support the drug discovery and research activity where the researches do not have adequate Instrument facilities and facing problem in analyzing and characterization of their samples. 

With the view to encourage and support the students/ researchers/ professionals engaged in academic/ Research institute, industry in the area of drug discovery and related research, IPC proposes to extend the testing/ analysis facilities in our high-tech laboratory. The concerned students/ researchers/ professionals is required to submit the proposal, in the prescribed form for availing the facility through the head of department of their institution, specifying the purpose of the testing/ analysis. 

The facilities shall be on payment basis, the details of sample submission procedure, analysis etc. and charges for specific work may be seen in Annexure-I (given below). 


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