Microbiology Division of IPC is working on various parameters with respect to microbiological analysis mentioned in Indian Pharmacopoeia (IP). The major activities of Microbiology Division include the upgradation & addition of general chapters and monographs in IP; microbiological analysis of IPRS (antibiotics), new drug samples (NDS), inter laboratory comparison (ILC) samples and miscellaneous drug samples received from various sources.

Microbiology Division is NABL accredited for biological testing and equipped with sophisticated instruments such as Kinetic Turbidimetric Analyzer (KTA), Portable Test System (PTS) for Bacterial Endotoxin Test, UV-Spectrophotometer, Air Sampler, Bio-safety Cabinet, Ultracentrifuge, Inverted Microscope, Deep freezers (‒ 80 oC & ‒ 20 oC), Ice-Flanking Machine, Serological Water bath etc. Microbiology laboratory has very good facility for following microbiological tests.

  • Microbiological assay

  • Microbiological contamination test of non-sterile pharmaceutical products

  • Bacterial endotoxin test (qualitative & quantitative)

  • Sterility test

  • Preservative efficacy test

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