Sample Submission Procedure 

 It is required to supply samples for each instrument separately with proper sample name, analysis required and quantity of sample in eppendorf/vial tubes. Please ensure to provide only required sample quantities as specified on requisition forms.

 Unstable and explosive compounds are not accepted for analysis.

 All concerned persons, research fellows and students are advised to send their application and samples through their supervisors or Head of Department. The request should be made only on University/College/Institute letter head.

 No sample will be processed without duly filled “Analysis Request Form” available on the IPC website.

 Entry of outsider (submitting samples) will be strictly forbidden in the instrument laboratories. The samples must be submitted to the authorized person.

 All the users are required to submit MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for each sample they submit and a certificate stating that the samples submitted are non- toxic / non-hazardous for sample analysis should be clearly specified.

 Sample remaining after analysis can be collected at the time of collecting your report. Samples which are not collected within a week will be disposed of immediately without any further notice.

 The samples must be accompany by testing fee in terms of a bank draft drawn in favor of Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission, Ghaziabad drawn at any commercial bank in India or alternatively the amount may be transfer to the bank account of IPC as when the drugs sample are sent for testing.

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