The Indian Pharmacopoeia is a book of standards in terms of second schedule to the Drug’s and Cosmetics Act 1940 and the rules their under.

IP Addendum-2016 to Indian Pharmacopoeia (IP 2014) is published in accordance with a designed plan by the Scientific Body of IPC, in fulfillment of the requirements of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and the Rules there under.Addendum 2016 to IP 2014 incorporates 89 New Monographs consisting of 64 Chemical Monographs, 14 Herbal Monographs, 03 Vaccines and Immunsera for Human use, 03 Radiopharmaceuticals Monographs, 01 Blood Related Products, 04 Biotechnology Products Monographs and 02 General Chapter being included in this addendum. Other Features includes 18 New IR spectra’s for identification of drugs, 12 TLC and 20 HPLC chromatograms, 334  amendments and up gradation of test of drugs monograph to achieve better quality identity and  purity etc.

Among the  89 monographs,  Indian Pharmacopoeia Addendum 2016, consist of 04 Antidepressant, 06 Antiepileptics, 07 Antihypertensive, 04 Antiviral, 05 Anticancer, 02 Antipsychotics, 01 Analgesic, 01 Antimigraine, 02 Anticholinergic, 01 Antispasmodic, 03 Antibacterial, 01 Disinfectant, 01 Antiacne, 01 Antiperkinson, 02 Immunosupressant, 02 Muscle relaxant, 01 Antiulcer, 01 Antifungal, 01 Ostrogen-receptor antagonist, 01 Hyperlipidemic, 02 Aldosterone antagonist, 02 Aromatase inhibitor, 01 Anti-osteoarthritis, 01 antiglucoma, 01 Diuretic, 01 Anti-amoebic, 02 Fertility Stimulator and 03 anti diabetic monographs.

Indian Pharmacopoeia Addendum 2016 also includes 16 monographs which are not available in any other reputed Pharmacopoeia in the world.  


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