Acquisition Section: 

The acquisition section is responsible for the selection and procurement of library resources in IPC Library. It is involve in selection of books, accessioning of procured books and transfers them to the technical processing section for classification, cataloguing, indexing and entry in software. This section deals almost all the subject with different activity. Special emphasis, however, is laid on subjects which are of interest to library and which will help them to perform their duties in IPC. 

Technical Section:

The technical processing work consists of classification and cataloguing of documents in accordance with a carefully chosen scheme of classification by DDC and cataloguing through AACR-II, pasting the spine & date labels in the book and noting the call no. and accession number on the spine label.

Circulation Section:

The circulation section links the library collections to the readers and thus supports the first two laws of library science. This section ensures the use of books by readers by offering them issue/return and consultation facilities. It is responsible for circulation of books to the users, keeping records of what has been given to whom; what has been returned or what is overdue to the users and also maintain the stacks by re-shelving materials in library.

Periodical Section:

Periodicals section contains publications having single title and deposit number, publish at regularly, such as Journals, magazines, newspapers, Official Gazette, pamphlets and reports, News Paper clippings, Article Alert of Journals, etc. This section is working on making all its acquisition available to readers after indexing, classifying and arranging periodicals on the shelves. Older periodicals underwent the process of binding for archiving and preservation purpose.

Reference Section:

The aim of IPC library is to provide right information to right user at right time. The reference section provides services which help users make the best use of a library’s resources, and find the information they require quickly and efficiently.

Reprographic Section: 

This section provides facilities such as scanning, Xeroxing and printing. The section is equipped with a photocopier machine. The term applies to both physical (hard copy) and digital (soft copy) reproductions of documents and images, etc.

Internet Section:

This section is equipped with server, printers and computers, etc. to access Information from the Internet. Scientists/officers and staff can use this section to search the online resources available in the internet using subscribed and free online journals, databases, etc.

Administration and Management Section:

The administrative section of the library is an important wing to assist the establishment activities of the library. It keeps and maintains the records pertaining to various budgetary provisions of the library like membership, expenditure and other matters pertaining to physical stock and infrastructure of the library.