1. What is library?
Library is a collection of resources including books, serials/periodicals, non print materials, etc. It provides physical or digital access to users.

2. What is circulation service?
Library circulation is the function of lending/consulting library resources to the users of the library.

3. What is reference service?
Reference service is a personal service to each reader in helping him to find the documents answering the interest at the moment pin-pointedly, exhaustively and expeditiously. It includes reading suggestions and recommendations to library patrons. Answering the questions by library staff to the users on the phone by e-mail, online chat, text messages, etc.

4. What are periodicals? How many periodicals in IPC library?
Periodicals means print or non-print publication published periodically usually bearing volumes/issue number or date/month and year. IPC Library has approx. 662 nos. of periodicals/serials including 388 nos. of National/International Journals.

5. What are e-resources? How many e- resources available in the library?
The e-resources are electronic journals, electronic books and online databases which is available in different digital format. IPC Library has approx. 350 online journals, approx. 20 online databases, etc.

6. What are scholarly peer-reviewed articles and how do I find them?
Scholarly articles are published in subject specific journals. These articles are written by scholars and experts in their field. Peer review articles undergo reviewing process by other scholars in the field, known as the peer-review process. Peer-reviewed journal may include editorials or short news items that do not go through the full review process, but if the article is a full research piece, it can be considered "peer-reviewed."

7. What are the library services provided by the IPC Library?
IPC library has tremendous collection of resources of information those are made accessible to users for reference. IPC Library also provides technical services to the users in the field of Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacovigilance and other related areas to support Scientific and Pharmacopoeial work, etc. Library services are as follows:
• Circulation Service
• Reference and retrieval
• Newspaper clippings service
• Current awareness service/SDI
• Interlibrary Loan Service
• Reprography/Scanning Service
• Document delivery service
• Internet facility

8. How many publications are published by IPC library?
The IPC Library & Information Centre regularly publishes its following publications for the enhancement of knowledge and to promote research activities of the users. The publications are as follows:-
• Library Catalogue
• Current Content of books
• Current Holdings of books
• Article Alert of journals
• Indexing & Abstracting of journals
• News Digest

9. What is the main objective of IPC Library?
The main objectives of library & information centre are to provide comprehensive resources and services in support of the standardization, quality control and testing of drugs & pharmaceutical, research & development to internal and external users. To fulfil this mission, the library commits to:
• Build a strong collection development in the area of drugs and pharmaceuticals, pharmacopoeial sciences.
• Ensure the preservation and long-lasting availability of library collections and resources; and
• To create hospitable physical and virtual environments for study, research and training.

10. What is Reference Query?
Reference query is an inquiry asked by users to library staff according to his/her need of information resources and services offered by the library.

11. What is Cataloguing and Classification?
Cataloguing and classification are the technical services required to organize library materials. It serves as a retrieval tool.

12. What is Abstracting and Indexing Services?
An abstracting service is a service that provides abstracts of publications, often on a subject or group of related subjects. An indexing service is a service that creates index records to retrieve documents/information.